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Ring Filing

This is the stage 1 after the casting has been made in your required ring size. When the casting comes out, it is rough and unpolished. It has extra metal that needs to be filed out, and made smooth before the ring can be given for setting. This is the key part of the jewellery making as without proper filing, the finished ring will not look good. At KISNA GEMS Jewellery, we pay special attention to this process. It is after all what we have been doing for last 30 years.


This is stage 2 after the ring has been filed. At this stage, we hand set all the stones in the ring, and we customize it as per your order. Each stone has to be hand selected to the correct measurement and dimension so that it can fit perfectly in the ring. This is very crucial state in ring making. We make sure that the stones are set perfectly so that they will not fall out for the life of the ring


This is stage 3 of the process. Your finished ring is now set with stones. It now needs to be polished so that the metal can become smooth and shiny. Polishing also ensures that the ring becomes resistant to scratches in daily wear and tear. We are very careful in this process because without proper polishing the ring will not be shinning.


This is the last step of the finishing the jewellery. Once the ring is ready, we at KISNA GEMS, check the ring in detail to make sure that everything is done and finished correctly. It is very important for us that your ring reaches you in perfect condition and that is why KISNAGEMS gets so many good reviews in emails. We understand the emotions that are attached to an engagement ring, and we make sure that your ring is in absolutely 100% perfect condition


The KISNA GEMS JEWELLERY store started in 2007. Although we have been making jewellery much longer, but we started to finally do it for ourselves in 2007. Our two main Jewellers Jonathan and Sabin wanted to create a platform where couples can come and find a unique piece of jewellery that they can personalize and wear, which reflects their love, their values and their uniqueness. We did not want to make something that you can find or see anywhere but we wanted to create unique one of kind handmade jewellery which is as unique as your love story. This is our passion, our love and this is what we do everyday. Thank you for visiting and reading about us.  

Falling in love is most beautiful thing. 
thank you to over 2,000 beautiful love stories, our valued customers, who have made Kisna Gems a part of their love and who continue to inspire us with their beautiful reviews

We at KISNAGEMS.com, do not mass produce jewellery, but we hand make each and every engagement ring and wedding set for you. If you wish to receive a video of your ring being made, from start to finish, we can definitely include one with your order. Please just ask us for the same once you have placed your order, and we will include the video showing your personal ring made and include with your order