Our Storsy is reflected in Our Jewelry

Our History is in our Jewelry.

Started in 1997

Just like all our Jewelry designs, we started from sketch in 1997. A small jewelry studio, with big ideas, lots of love and dedication for Jewelry. Handmade Jewelry was always our passion. It shows our love, our style, our commitment. 

We embody the same feeling into every single piece of jewelry that we make. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring, or bracelet or pendant, every single piece of jewelry is handmade by us, in our own jewelry studio

We understand that buying Jewelry is very emotional process. We are committed in making beautiful, and affordable jewelry for you

Personalized Jewelry, Affordable Price

These 4 words really sum up our goal. As we handmake each and every piece of jewelry, we can customize it in any way you want. Make it your own, with your own style and touch.

At the same time, we really believe that jewelry should not be restricted to select few. As all the jewelry process is done in house, we are really able to keep the prices as low as possible, making them more affordable. 

We have been part of over 12,500 love stories now, beautiful love stories personified by our engagement rings. Make us your jewelry studio, and see our personal human side of touch in every purchase 

Our Engagement Rings

Over 12,500 couples have purchased their engagement rings from us over the last decade. This is what keeps us going everyday. We will make each ring with great love and dedication, so that it may be worth to embody your love store.